What’s up with ENERGY STAR Version 3?

With so many revisions and timeline changes, it’s tough to keep up with ENERGY STAR New Homes these days, so we decided to dedicate our first blog post to simplifying the timeline, changes and next steps of Version 3.

Why did EPA decide to update? It wanted to challenge the industry to step up its game. EPA wants ENERGY STAR homes to excel when compared to typically constructed homes. Version 3 is a way to push the industry to build better homes – something we as SystemVision partners understand.

The Updated, Updated Timeline
Currently, we are in Version 2.5 of ENERGY STAR New Homes, which is the transition phase between Version 2 and Version 3. Homes that are permitted this year and that pass final inspection by June 30, 2012 may be certified under Version 2.5. All homes receiving a final inspection after June 30, 2012 must be certified under Version 3, except for affordable homes which can still certify to Version 2.5 through December 31, 2012 if they reserved funding before April 1, 2011. [ For our visual learners. ]

SystemVision homes will continue to receive ENERGY STAR certification under Version 2.5; however, when Version 3 goes into effect June 30, 2012 SystemVision homes will no longer automatically receive ENERGY STAR certification. ENERGY STAR Version 3 certification will become an option for SystemVision partners.

With input from the SystemVision community, we decided that the changes EPA made to ENERGY STAR were not cost effective for our partners. SystemVision remains superior to ENERGY STAR in terms of energy savings and now in ease of implementation. Whether you choose to do Version 3 or not, you will still be offering your homeowners excellent homes — SystemVision homes come with the heating and cooling and comfort guarantees that allow your homeowners to maintain and enjoy their homes.

NC HealthyBuilt Homes will accept SystemVision in lieu of its ENERGY STAR certification prerequisite for subsidized affordable housing.

Remember – change is a good thing. There are many differences between Version 2 and Version 3, but one of the biggest changes involves the checklists. Version 2 had only one checklist. Version 3 has four. [ Click here for the checklists. ]

This table gives a brief explanation of the new checklists and SystemVision’s compliance.
Thermal Enclosure Rater Checklist (TERC)
  • Similar to Version 2 checklist
  • Additional requirements cover insulation, building envelope and framing
  • SystemVision includes all requirements
HVAC Systems Checklist(HVAC Contractor and Rater)
  • These ensure work is done correctly
  • One checklist is completed by the HVAC contractor
  • The second checklist is completed by the rater
  • SystemVision includes some requirements
Water Management Checklist
  • Completed by the builder
  • Addresses site and foundation, wall assembly, roof assembly and building materials
  • SystemVision does not include requirements

Since there is overlap between SystemVision and Version 3, we have outlined the changes you will need to address if you choose the Version 3 certification option here.

But wait, there’s more!

If you’re like me, you still have a lot of questions and opinions about Version 3. We’re having a conference call/webinar on Thursday, September 29 to discuss the changes to ENERGY STAR and SystemVision in more detail. Click here to register and join the conversation.

What would you like to talk about?

Send me your questions and opinions at DTreleven@AdvancedEnergy.org. We’ll use your questions to guide our conversation next Thursday.

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