Seeking Developers for Progress Energy’s New Incentive Program

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Progress Energy has launched an incentive program for residential new construction. This program provides cash incentives up to $4,000 to builders and developers who build new energy-efficient homes and multi-family residences that meet program requirements in Progress Energy Carolina’s service territory.  We’re looking for two to three SystemVision developers to participate in an “in-house test”.

Whole-house Incentives are based on the High Efficiency Residential Option (HERO) code which is an optional part of the 2012 North Carolina Energy Conservation Code. This option offers incentives starting at $1,000 for meeting the HERO code and incrementally increases up to $4,000 for a HERO code home that also achieves a Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index of 55 or lower.  Homes built after October 1, 2012 are eligible for the incentive.

Many SystemVision homes already meet the requirements of the HERO code.  A typical home built to the SystemVision standards would need slightly more energy efficient windows and a wall assembly greater than R-18 to meet the HERO code and qualify for this program.

In addition to the cash incentive, builders who meet or exceed the HERO code will be given the option of offering a Heating and Cooling Energy Usage Limited Guarantee to homebuyers. Something we’ve been doing in SystemVision for almost twelve years!

For eligible homes, we want to know the best way to deliver this program in conjunction with SystemVision.  If you build in Progress Energy service territory and would like to participate in a small “in-house test,” please contact Dan Lutz.  Regardless of participation, all houses built after October 1, 2012 and that meet program requirements will be eligible for the incentive.

Visit Progress Energy’s website for program details.

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