NC Energy Code Revision Proposed

On March 3, 2013 House Bill 201 was introduced in the North Carolina General Assembly proposing that the NC Energy Code revert from the 2012 edition to the 2009 edition.

The 2012 NC Energy Code incorporates many things that have long been a part of SystemVision— an improved building envelope, energy efficient windows, and performance testing for building and duct tightness.  It brings every house in North Carolina a step closer to our goal of being healthy, safe, durable, comfortable, and energy efficient.

The 2012 NC Energy Code is predicted to save occupants an average of 15% on their energy bills compared to the 2009 version.  Repealing this code would undoubtedly be a step backward for North Carolina.  The loss would be felt most by low-income families, who typically spend a greater percentage of their income on housing costs.

Help us stop this proposed revision!

Contact your representatives to offer your experience of the cost and benefits of building energy efficient homes. The 2012 NC Energy Code keeps utility bills more affordable for North Carolina families.

Stay engaged with your representatives by inviting them to ground breaking and ribbon cutting events so they understand that energy efficiency and affordable housing go hand in hand to serve low-income families across North Carolina.

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Click here to view the details of House Bill 201.

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