Partner Spotlight: John Tooley

John Tooley is one of the people behind the scenes at Advanced Energy who have contributed to the lasting success of SystemVision. John spent the last 15 years helping SystemVision and the top 10 builders in the nation implement quality process management that allows for the heating, cooling, and comfort of a home to be guaranteed.

This month, John was honored with the Building Performance Institute’s (BPI) Tony Woods Award for Excellence in Advancing the Home Performance Industry.

“There’s no one in our industry who has advanced the delivery of quality contracting to customers more than John,” said Larry Zarker, BPI CEO. “He stands alone not only in having examined thousands of buildings, but also, in examining the processes of contractors who improve them.”

John believes:

Doing something right the first time trumps everything when it comes to building homes. The simple materials we have used for the last 100 years, when used correctly, will render very efficient homes. Until we abandon the “silver bullet” new product approach to energy efficiency, we will never affect the masses. Better products do not improve the process of building houses, improving processes improves processes.

See John explain the importance of standard work processes and how they help ensure we “Do the Right Thing Right” in every home we touch.


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