Meet the Director

Faces are changing on the SystemVision team. After six years working with the SystemVision Program, Dan Lutz is taking a new position as a building science specialist with Knauf Insulation. He says, “It has been a privilege working with SystemVision and in the affordable housing community. I hope our paths cross in the future.”

Maria Mauceri is the new SystemVision and Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program director. Maria has been with Advanced Energy since 2006 providing quality assurance and technical support for North Carolina HERS raters and SystemVision. She is no stranger to the challenges and value of energy efficient affordable housing. You may have met her at a job site while training SystemVision AmeriCorps members each fall.

I am delighted to transition into the role of program director for SystemVision. I look forward to meeting all our partners in the coming year!

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