Contractor Corner: Pushing the Envelope

Air sealing is important business, especially when it comes to keeping heated and cooled air inside a house. Dollar bills flying out of cracks around the house is what I imagine when thinking of a leaky house. In addition to saving money, air sealing helps with indoor air quality by preventing airborne grime from the crawlspace or attic from entering the house. Another huge bonus is minimizing the opportunities for pests to enter. Below is a list of key locations that should not be overlooked with air sealing a SystemVision home.

  • Top plate to drywall connection
  • Bottom plates to subfloor connection
  • Around the attic hatch
  • Around window and door rough openings
  • Duct chases
  • Plumbing and electrical penetrations
  • HVAC penetrations
  • Knee walls
  • House/garage connections
  • Dropped ceilings

Air Sealing Tech Tips

To help your air sealing volunteers or contractors on site, reference SystemVision‘s handy builder’s tech tips and checklists. Don’t have a copy? Click here to download it now!

Prevent Re-inspections

Re-inspections can be costly and we want to prevent the need for additional fees and visits.

Here’s what you can do to prevent re-inspection fees:

  • Review the appropriate SystemVision checklist before calling the inspection scheduling hotline.
  • Share inspection checklists and specifications with subcontractors before work begins. The inspection checklists can be found at this link, under the CONSTRUCTION section or below
  • Have the HVAC contractor present on site during the final inspection so that they can adjust air flows as needed or tape the air handler seams.
  • Visually inspect the ducts to make sure bucket mastic applied at every duct connection or joint.

Framing Inspection Checklist

Insulation Inspection Checklist

Final Inspection Checklist



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