Meet the AmeriCorps Members

A critical component to the success of SystemVision is our AmeriCorps staff members.

AmeriCorps engages over 80,000 men and women each year in intensive service to meet community needs in education, poverty, health, disaster relief, and other critical issues. AmeriCorps’ members serve with more than 2,000 non-profits, public agencies, and community organizations across the United States. We are lucky to have two AmeriCorps members support the SystemVision program as Home Energy Raters for a one-year term since 2005. Ben Gellman and Sam Myers started September 2014 and will conclude their term of service with Advanced Energy in July 2015. They look forward to meeting you all over the course of this year at trainings, conferences and job sites!

Ben Gellman

Ben Gellman joined Advanced Energy after graduating from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Health Sciences. While at UNC, Ben served on the Renewable Energy Special Projects Committee, a student group that develops and funds energy efficiency and renewable energy projects on the university’s campus. This experience, combined with an appreciation of Habitat for Humanity’s mission of developing affordable housing, inspired him to become an AmeriCorps member with Advanced Energy’s SystemVision program. He hopes to use his experience with Advanced Energy as a springboard to pursue a career in the field of sustainable building.

Sam Myers

Sam Myers received a bachelor’s degree from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington in Parks and Recreation Management and recently earned a master’s degree in Sustainable Tourism from East Carolina University (ECU).  He also has experience in the vacation real estate industry on the Outer Banks.  His interest in sustainable energy began when he worked on an Environmental Protection Agency funded project during his time at ECU that focused on making coastal vacation rental homes more energy efficient.  Myers teamed with ECU’s Department of Engineering and a vacation rental firm on Hatteras Island to audit 30 properties.  The data collected helped provide useful findings that helped homeowners reduce energy consumption.  He is excited to be working at Advanced Energy with the SystemVision program as it will further his knowledge of energy efficiency in buildings and provide the necessary skills to begin a career in building science.

Learn more about the impact of AmeriCorps in our nation.


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