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Thank You For Choosing The Heat Pump Water Heater Calculator

This tool provides an educational resource to homeowners on the cost savings and return on investment of installing a heat pump water heater vs. a standard electric water heater. The calculator is designed to be used by contractors during a typical sales process.

About the Calculator

A set point of 120°F is assumed in the calculations.

The source of estimates of daily hot water use for two and four person residences is derived from calculations based on information found in Table 4 on pg. 49.11 and Table 6 on page 49.13 of the 2007 ASHRAE HVAC Applications Handbook.

How to Embed the Calculator

Step 1: Copy the widget code for the calculator: "<iframe src="www.waterheatersavings.com" frameborder="0" height="700" width="500"></iframe>"

Step 2: Open the developer files for your website.

Step 3: Identify where you would like to place the calculator on your website.

Step 4: Paste the widget code.

Step 5: Adjust the "height" and "width" to dimensions that work for your website.

Step 6: Save and update your website.

Step 7: Preview the widget on your website and adjust as needed.

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