Proven Efficiency Verification Members

Proven Efficiency Verification (PEV) is Advanced Energy’s quality assurance program for motor repair to ensure consistency in repairs while demonstrating efficiency is maintained.

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Offer your customers high-quality repairs that restore efficient and reliable motors to operation. Motor Repair Service Centers qualified through our PEV program are the leaders of motor repair, offering their clients:

  • Standardized motor repair processes
  • Pre- and post-repair data
  • Demonstrated quality with third-party verification including pre- and post-repair efficiency reports from our internationally-accredited lab

PEV-certified repair centers stand out among their competitors, with proven success to help their customers:

  • Improve reliability
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Be competitive

Current PEV certified motor service centers include:

  • Shoemaker Industrial Solutions of Columbus, OH achieved Proven Efficiency Verification accreditation in 2017. “Receiving the Proven Efficiency Verification accreditation is one of the more exciting moments in the nearly 80 year history of our company,” said Jeff Kletrovets, Director of Sales at Shoemaker Industrial Solutions. “The third party verification of our rewinding and repair procedures helps cement our position as the market leader for electric motor repair in the Central Ohio area.  We are excited to be able to offer AEP Ohio’s EMotor Rewind program to industrial and commercial customers in Central Ohio and, by doing so,  we expect to further our  valued partner status with many of these most respected businesses.”
  • Stewart’s Electric Motor Works, Inc. of Orlando, FL achieved Proven Efficiency Verification accreditation for motor repair in 2012. “Helping our customers WIN is our primary concern, and we are committed to using technological advancements in our industry that benefit them and the energy needs of mankind,” says Mike Stewart, President, Stewart’s Electric Motor Works. “Achieving accreditation through Advanced Energy’s PEV program ensures our customers that we recognize the challenges they face in today’s energy consuming world. And that our team is dedicated to providing proven methods and processes in repairing electric motors that do in fact help our customers at WINNING while reducing and minimizing their energy footprint.”
  • Industrial Electric Motor Works, Inc., of Meridian, MS achieved Proven Efficiency Verification accreditation in 2010. “Advanced Energy’s PEV program is a very valuable asset to our company,” says Tony McDaniel, President, Industrial Electric Motor Works, Inc. “By achieving this status, our customers can now be assured their motors being repaired or rewound by our facility will be of the highest quality while meeting efficiency levels.”
  • Hupp Electric Motors of Cedar Rapids, IA has held a valid certificate since 2000. “We were the first motor service center in the country to get the PEV credentials from Advanced Energy and it has continually paid dividends,” said Chuck Rutledge, Vice President of Hupp Electric Motors. “Companies that understand the importance of quality motor repair to their bottom line realize they can work with us and improve their process reliability while decreasing their operating expenses. It makes good business sense for them and for us.”

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