Advanced Energy ensures that renewable energy and battery storage projects are installed to quality standards, provide optimal performance, and can be maintained for safe and reliable operation for the life of the system. Our position as an independent engineering services provider allows us to analyze facilities with a fresh and unbiased approach. We take the time to collaborate with your team from planning to installation and beyond. With our decades of experience ranging from commercial to large utility-scale projects, we have the knowledge and expertise you can depend on.


Distribution Interconnection Commissioning

Interconnection commissioning is an established, turnkey program that helps utilities protect the power quality, reliability and safety of the grid by ensuring the safety and dependability of interconnected distributed energy resources (DERs).

The interconnection commissioning process verifies whether DER facilities comply with the documentation on file with the utility and all relevant codes and standards. This includes review of the facility as-built construction for compliance with documentation studied and approved by the utility, assessment of the facility’s AC construction to ensure it is built to quality standards, verification of interconnection equipment settings, and conducting three-phase and single-phase cease-to-energize testing.

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Transmission Interconnection Commissioning

Over the last couple of years, we have expanded our interconnection commissioning services to transmission-connected inverter-based resources (IBRs), with both field commissioning and standards engagement. We participate in working groups to develop new IBR technical requirements that incorporate NERC reliability guidelines and IEEE 2800, and have created a commissioning process based on that updated documentation that we’ve put into practice.

Renewables Integration Consulting

We work with utilities of all sizes to consult on DER standards, compliance, troubleshooting of PV systems and program design. Our team has extensive technical expertise in utility scale solar safety and quality compliance. We are also able to help utilities with consulting on residential, small commercial and community solar educational resources.

Periodic Inspection Programs

There are approximately 325 solar generation facilities that achieved interconnection prior to the establishment of the Duke Energy Interconnection Commissioning Requirements. This program aims to ensure compliance with the North Carolina Interconnection Procedures (NCIP) and to maintain the safety, power quality and reliability of the electrical distribution grid.

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Solar Feasibility Studies

Are you considering installing solar at your property or business? We can provide you with an unbiased and independent analysis to help you evaluate the viability of pursuing a solar project. We’ll work with you to evaluate the most important considerations, including economic, market, technical, financial and management feasibility.

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Third-Party Commissioning

As a third party, we work to ensure systems meet project specifications, comply with owner requirements and standards, and operate correctly to decrease maintenance and safety issues. We provide a thorough review of the PV system design, a detailed PV system inspection of all components and equipment, and a review of all aspects of the installation for compliance with safety codes and standards. As an end result, we identify issues and solutions so that facility owners can be ensured that their systems are built for long-term quality, reliability, safety and performance.

Renewable Energy Certificates and Carbon Offsets

We offer North Carolina-based renewable energy certificates (RECs) and regional carbon offsets through our NC GreenPower program. When you work with NC GreenPower, you are supporting community projects, the local economy and the environment. All RECs are sourced from North Carolina and carbon offsets are sourced regionally from North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. All carbon offsets must meet our quality criteria to ensure projects are making a positive difference.

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  • Licensed Professional Engineering Firm
  • Decades of experience working with PV systems
  • Third-party commissioning and inspection services for hundreds of utility-scale PV systems
  • Experts in National Electrical Code (NEC) and National Electrical Safety Code (NESC)
  • North Carolina licensed electrical contractor on staff