Previously Uninspected Facilities Program

Thank you for participating in the Previously Uninspected Facilities program. This program was created to inspect the approximately 325 solar generation facilities that achieved interconnection prior to the establishment of the Duke Energy Interconnection Commissioning Requirements. Owners of these facilities can either self-inspect or have their sites inspected by a third party to ensure compliance. The resources on this webpage provide assistance if you are planning to self-inspect. Please contact us if you have any questions.



Advanced Energy will provide overall administration of the Duke Energy (Duke) inspection program for Previously Uninspected Facilities (PUF). Previously uninspected facilities are defined as solar PV facilities 1 MW and greater that began commercial operation before Duke implemented the commissioning inspection and testing program in 2017. The primary goal of the inspection program is to ensure compliance with the North Carolina Interconnection Procedures (NCIP) as well as to maintain the safety, power quality and reliability of the electrical distribution grid. Requirements of the inspection program are defined in the pro forma Memorandum of Agreement Regarding Procedure to Implement Periodic Medium Voltage Construction Safety and Reliability Inspection Requirements under NCIP Sections 6.5.2 and 6.5.3 (MOA).

Major requirements of the PUF inspection program include the following:

  • Medium Voltage AC Inspection (MV Inspection)
  • Inverter and interconnection device settings verification
  • As-built specifications verification of agreement with Interconnection Request (IR), Interconnection Agreement (IA), and Single Line Diagram (SLD) on file with Duke
  • Verification of point of interconnection (POI) right-of-way (ROW) access maintenance
  • Cease-to-energize testing

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