EASA Accreditation Testimonials

The Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA) officially launched the EASA Accreditation program in June 2014. Advanced Energy is a third-party auditor for the program.

“Our customers demand quality and their requirements grow more stringent all the time. EASA Accreditation and PEV are important resources that Hupp uses to reach our goal of producing the best quality repair possible. The feedback we get from audits such as this helps us get better every day. The process of acquiring EASA Accreditation proved to be very efficient in the use of Hupp Electric Motors time and resources. The audit itself was quite thorough with Matt Davey from Advanced Energy knowing exactly what he was looking for. For eight hours he poured over our motor repair records, calibration records and the facility. The changes required to pass accreditation were reasonable to us and easily accomplished. What we at Hupp particularly appreciated was Advanced Energy’s practical understanding of motor repair processes. Certainly all motor repair facilities produce different kinds of records of repair, but Matt looked specifically for technical content per EASA specifications irrespective of letterhead or format differences that they must encounter from one facility to the next.” 

– Ray Woodhouse, Quality Manager, Hupp Electric Motors

“On the day of the audit you took the time to understand our process control procedures, calibration program and job packets. Things we did well you re-assured our team. In the areas where there was a need for improvement, you suggested ways to incorporate the processes into our existing programs. You left our team that day re-energized and focused on our common goal; to become recognized as the authority on maintaining or improving the reliability and efficiency of our customer’s equipment.” 

– Doug Hinson, President, Excel Apparatus

“You were thorough and fair in all respects.” 

– Dale Hamil, President, Illinois Electric Works

“Throughout the EASA Accreditation process the support and guidance Advanced Energy provided our team was invaluable. They took the time to understand our repair process and offered suggestions on how to incorporate EASA Accreditation into them. With EASA Accreditation we can show our customers that we are dedicated quality and reliability. Thanks for helping us out. We are excited about raising our level of quality!“

 – Schuyler John, President, Gatterdam Industrial Services

“When you hear there is an auditor paying you a visit it usually means a stressful day of defending what you have done and are doing. This was not at all the case with Matt from Advanced Energy. He was very complimentary of how we were addressing many of the requirements of the EASA Accreditation program and gave us an opportunity to correct a few small procedural issues we had overlooked during his visit. Participation in the program has been a great benefit for us and we could not have asked for a better audit experience.” 

 Michael J. Huber, President, American MTS

“Advanced Energy was very thorough and detail orientated during our accreditation audit. Through the entire accreditation process Advanced Energy has not only been an auditor but also a partner with Eastland in helping to maintain and exceed the quality of the final product to our customers.”

– Justin Jindra, Director of Sales, Eastland Industries, Inc.