Providing EV Infrastructure Planning to Support Town of Holly Springs’ Decarbonization Goals

In support of its commitment to sustainability, the Town of Holly Springs, North Carolina, manages several ongoing initiatives. Electric vehicle (EV) charging is one area the Town is emphasizing, having […]

Out With the Mold

Q: I fear I’m starting to see signs of mold in my home. Why me? Where did it come from? What’s the best way to handle it before it becomes […]

Three-Phase Power and Power Quality Considerations on Farms

For decades, agriculture and farming have been vital to North Carolina’s economy, and our state is a leader in tobacco, soybean, poultry and hog production, and more. Critical to the […]

Advanced Energy’s Transmission IBR Commissioning Services

With rising levels of renewable energy installations, it’s more critical than ever to ensure the reliability of the bulk power system, and transmission-connected inverter-based resource (IBR) facilities, such as solar, […]

What Is Charging as a Service?

It feels like there’s a subscription service for everything these days. From streaming services to community-supported agriculture to pet supplies, organizations are ready to provide an offering for your every […]

Advanced Energy Welcomes Emily Ernst Lunne as Director of Finance and Human Resources

Advanced Energy is thrilled to welcome Emily Ernst Lunne as its first director of finance and human resources. Emily was born and raised in Wyoming and went on to attend […]

TierPoint and NC GreenPower Collaborate with Red Hat to Support Sustainability Goals

TierPoint, a leading provider of secure, connected IT platform solutions that power the digital transformation of its clients, and NC GreenPower, a nonprofit committed to expanding public knowledge and acceptance […]

Smart Speaker Connections

Q: I received a smart speaker as a gift, but I’m not familiar with the technology. How can I use it to make my home smarter, and can it help […]

Uncharted Water (Heaters)

Q: When I followed last month’s advice and insulated my water pipes (“Winterization Tips for Energy Savings”), I noticed that my water heater is getting up […]

Compressed Air Leak Surveys and Their Importance in Industry

A compressed air leak survey is the starting point of a compressed air leak management program. Compressed air leak management refers to preventive/corrective maintenance practices performed to minimize leaks in […]