Motors and Drives

Motor-driven systems account for approximately 50 percent of all electricity generated in the world. This fact is what first attracted us to motors in the late 1980s, and what continues to push us today to make them as energy efficient and reliable as possible. Our team of motor and drive system engineers, combined with our internationally accredited test lab, provides a unique set of independent and unbiased services to governments, original equipment manufacturers, motor and drive manufacturers, distributors, motor repair facilities, utilities and others.

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“I had a rush job that required some motor performance data in a hurry. After a quick search of the web, I was able to locate a test lab not far from us and sent them a note via their contact form. That day I was able to contact Advanced Energy’s Engineering Supervisor, get an NDA executed to share product drawings, and set up for a test in the following days. Within one work week I had results I could count on from an internationally accredited motor and drive test lab and my motor was already back in route from Advanced Energy. I cannot recommend these folks high enough; they are responsive and provide high quality work.” 

-Ben Dunlap, Powertec



*Disclaimer: Completion of Advanced Energy training courses or use of other motor and drive services does not influence likelihood of achieving motor efficiency certification.