Proven Efficiency Verification Members

Proven Efficiency Verification (PEV) is Advanced Energy’s quality assurance program for motor repair to ensure consistency in repairs while demonstrating maintained efficiency.

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Offer your customers high-quality repairs that restore efficient and reliable motors to operation with the confidence of AE Certification. Motor repair service centers qualified through our PEV program are leaders of motor repair, offering their clients:

Advanced Energy Certified repair centers stand out among their competitors, with proven success to help their customers:

Current Advanced Energy Certified motor service centers include:

Malloy Electric Company of Dakota Dunes, South Dakota, achieved PEV accreditation in 2015.

Stewart’s Electric Motor Works, Inc. of Orlando, Florida, achieved PEV accreditation for motor repair in 2012. “Helping our customers WIN is our primary concern, and we are committed to using technological advancements in our industry that benefit them and the energy needs of mankind,” says Mike Stewart, President, Stewart’s Electric Motor Works. “Achieving accreditation through Advanced Energy’s PEV program ensures our customers that we recognize the challenges they face in today’s energy consuming world. And that our team is dedicated to providing proven methods and processes in repairing electric motors that do in fact help our customers at WINNING while reducing and minimizing their energy footprint.”

Hupp Electric Motors of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, has held a valid certificate since 2000. “When we first saw the Advanced Energy PEV program in 1999, we immediately saw the value. We saw a company that would audit us, work with us, and who had a fresh approach and a focus on efficiency,” said Mike Parsons, Vice President of Service, Hupp Electric Motors. “You were the first that we had heard of, who had the ability and was willing to test and prove an electric motors efficiency. By having the Advanced Energy certification, we cannot only ‘say it,’ we can ‘show it’. We take pride in being the first electric motor shop to get certified and we are proud of the fact that we have had the same motor certified for twenty years.”

Louis Allis of Warrior, Alabama, became AE Certified through our PEV program in 2021.

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