CARES Act Cooperative HVAC Incentive Program

About Advanced Energy and the Program:

Advanced Energy is a nonprofit energy consulting firm located in Raleigh, North Carolina. For over 40 years, our experts have been forming partnerships to ensure homes are healthy, safe, comfortable, durable, energy efficient and environmentally responsible.

To further support our efforts, we have partnered with the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality (NCDEQ) to fully fund the installation of high efficiency heat pump systems (16 SEER or greater) in homes of electric cooperative member-owners with electric resistance heat (baseboard heat, electric furnace, etc.) currently installed.

Interested member-owners should complete and submit the CARES Act Cooperative HVAC Incentive Program Application.

Application Deadline:

Application period is currently closed.

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Families with incomes below 200 percent of federal poverty guidelines or those receiving cash assistance payments under Work First or Supplemental Security Income are eligible for services (

Program Process:

  1. Interested member-owner submits the CARES Act Cooperative HVAC Incentive Program Application. Contact your electric cooperative or Advanced Energy if you need assistance with the application.
  2. An approved HVAC contractor visits the home and performs a pre-installation assessment and develops a bid proposal.
  3. Member-owner and Advanced Energy review the pre-installation assessment and bid proposal. If in agreement, the homeowner contract will be executed.
  4. The contractor will schedule and install the HVAC equipment and remove existing equipment as necessary.
  5. The post-installation assessment is performed.
  6. This project-approved installation is closed out and a customer satisfaction survey is issued.

COVID Concerns:

The safety and wellness of all participants are our highest priority, and COVID-19 safety protocols will be followed during any in-person visits. Thank you for your flexibility and understanding.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Contact Information:

You can reach Advanced Energy by emailing the CARES Supportive team at or calling 919-857-9056.

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