Advanced Energy ensures that solar PV projects are installed to quality standards, provide optimal performance, and can be maintained for safe and reliable operation for the life of the system. Our position as an independent engineering services provider allows us to analyze PV facilities with a fresh and unbiased approach. We take the time to collaborate with your team from planning to installation and beyond. With our decades of experience ranging from commercial to large utility scale projects, we have the knowledge and expertise you can depend on.


AC Interconnection Commissioning

We determine if a PV facility meets utility interconnection requirements. This service verifies whether the installed inverters, transformers, and interconnection equipment comply with the documentation on file with the utility and the utility distribution construction standards.

Equipment and Performance Spot Checks

We provide confidence to owners and investors that a PV facility and its equipment are consistent with documentation and working as expected. This certification is sometimes required for PV facilities on an annual basis.

High-Level Quality Assessments

We help ensure that a PV facility is designed and built to quality standards, based primarily on the National Electrical Code (NEC). This service also identifies any departures from good industry practice.

Detailed Quality Assessments

We provide a thorough review of the PV system design and a detailed PV system inspection of all components and equipment. We review all aspects of the PV installation for compliance with safety codes and standards and identify issues that may affect long-term performance.

PV Facility Commissioning

Commissioning allows Advanced Energy to be involved from day one. In this capacity, the solar team performs a detailed design review, makes periodic site visits throughout the construction process and conducts a post-construction inspection to confirm the site is built in compliance with all applicable codes and standards. Being involved from the beginning of the project allows Advanced Energy to help curtail design and construction issues before they turn into larger problems, saving time and money.


Duke Energy PV Interconnection Commissioning

Advanced Energy leads Duke Energy’s PV Interconnection Commissioning in their North Carolina and South Carolina territories. PV Interconnection Commissioning includes review of facility as-built construction for compliance with documentation studied and approved by the utility, assessment of the facility’s AC construction to ensure it is built to quality standards, verification of inverter and/or customer recloser interconnection protection setpoints, and conducting three phase and single phase cease to energize testing.

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NC GreenPower

NC GreenPower is a nonprofit program run by Advanced Energy. It works to improve North Carolina’s environment by supporting renewable energy, carbon offset projects and providing grants for educational solar PV installations at K-12 schools.

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  • Licensed Professional Engineering Firm
  • Over 25 years of experience working with PV systems
  • NABCEP Certified PV Installation Professionals
  • North Carolina licensed electrical contractors
  • Experts in National Electrical Code (NEC)

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