Advanced Energy Launches Advanced Energy at Home to Provide Support to Homeowners

We are excited to announce the launch of Advanced Energy at Home, an easy way for homeowners to receive helpful information and advice on improving energy efficiency, comfort and indoor air quality in their homes. Offering free homeowner support is not new for us, but the website is, and it will house relevant resources and offer a way for North Carolinians to make smart decisions about their homes.

We have been providing homeowner guidance since 2004 at the request of Duke Energy, North Carolina’s Electric Cooperatives and Dominion Energy North Carolina, who wanted to ensure their customers had the best information on how to manage their energy costs, durability, comfort and indoor air quality.

Through this service, residents and business owners reach out to us for advice on a range of topics, including crawl spaces, HVAC systems and air quality/mold. One of our subject matter experts then responds and points the customer in the direction of resources or contractors, if necessary. Many questions can be answered in an initial telephone consultation followed by an email with additional recommendations.

Customers often learn about this opportunity by receiving information from their utilities, reading or hearing about the offering from our magazine articles or trainings, or just coming across us online. Now, they will have another way to access our expertise.

Over the past few years, there had been an interest in developing a place to share materials, and a website was ideal. The new site focuses on topic areas that have been popular among homeowners, including crawl spaces, moisture, indoor air quality and energy efficiency. After selecting a topic, visitors can either choose from a list of frequently asked questions or dive deeper into articles, reports and videos. They can also submit their own question that will be answered by one of our building science professionals, or search for local home performance and HVAC contractors.

This new effort, and the homeowner guidance more broadly, is a win for both utility customers and the utilities themselves. Customers learn from experts about ways to reduce their electric bill, improve comfort, etc. Utilities benefit from additional promotion of their energy efficiency programs and gain insight into customers’ needs and concerns.

We are excited to be able to share our knowledge and expertise through Advanced Energy at Home. Together, we can work to ensure that all North Carolinians’ homes are healthy, safe, comfortable, durable, energy efficient and environmentally responsible.