Advanced Energy Welcomes Alyssa Hansen as an Administrative Assistant

Advanced Energy is excited to welcome Alyssa Hansen as an administrative assistant. Alyssa was born and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina. She went on to attend East Carolina University and then earned a degree in psychology from Southern New Hampshire University.

Alyssa chose to pursue psychology for its flexibility, and she supplemented her studies with courses in business and marketing. She’s gained a wealth of experience since graduating, and most recently served as a tech services administrative assistant at a biotechnology firm.

Alyssa first joined Advanced Energy in March as a temporary employee. She started just a couple of weeks before the company moved to prioritize remote work procedures due to COVID-19, which gave her limited time to meet co-workers in person. Fortunately, Alyssa’s adaptability helped her navigate the changes brought on by the pandemic, and the position has turned out to be a great fit. In September, she accepted a permanent role.

As an administrative assistant, Alyssa is able to support projects across Advanced Energy, a feature of the job that she appreciates. Most of her effort concentrates on assisting the residential team and SystemVision-related tasks. She also helps facilitate webinars and is a member of Advanced Energy’s Safety Committee.

When she isn’t working, Alyssa enjoys spending time outside — you can probably find her hiking, camping or riding horses.

Given Alyssa’s versatility, she has quickly become an essential member of the administrative team, and she is excited to continue to enhance Advanced Energy’s offerings.