Advanced Energy Welcomes Ashley Cramer as an Administrative Assistant

Advanced Energy is excited to welcome Ashley Cramer as an administrative assistant. Ashley was born in Pasadena, California, and lived in the state until two years ago, when she moved to North Carolina. She has a degree in hospitality administration/management from Cal Poly Pomona.

After graduating from college, Ashley worked in kitchens around Los Angeles and even in Italy, moving up the ranks and gaining additional skills. She then took those experiences and used them to teach others at her alma mater about the restaurant industry. Once she arrived in North Carolina, Ashley planned to open a butcher shop, but when that didn’t pan out she took admin-related roles in tech startups and assisted at an animal hospital and sanctuary.

Ashley’s time in animal care made her want to seek out further opportunities that would allow her to have a larger, more meaningful impact. Searching through nonprofits, she came across Advanced Energy, and it seemed like a nice fit.

In her new position, Ashley has been primarily supporting two initiatives: STEPs4GROWTH and our University Sponsorship Program. She helps with scheduling, taking notes, catering, coordinating with project partners and performing other tasks.

When she isn’t working, Ashley likes to get outside, whether it’s to go camping or hiking, garden or find new places to eat or explore. She also loves hanging out with her family and cats.

Ashley’s wealth of experience and her eagerness to learn and make a difference are a great match for Advanced Energy. The admin team is delighted to have her on board.