Advanced Energy Welcomes Bec Alderson as a Renewable Energy Consultant

Advanced Energy is excited to welcome Bec Alderson as a renewable energy consultant with the distributed generation team. Bec grew up in Efland, North Carolina, moved to Durham for high school, and then headed to Raleigh to attend NC State University. Bec graduated this past May with a degree in mechanical engineering.

Bec’s current interests could be seen taking shape at a young age. As a kid, Bec loved to identify the inner mechanisms of machinery, and in high school, classes in engineering particularly captured Bec’s attention. Entering college, Bec intended to pursue environmental engineering but shifted to mechanical after recognizing that it would be a better fit.

While at NC State, Bec had an opportunity to participate in the university’s Cooperative Education Program. Bec spent three rotations with Duke Energy, supporting work on line engineering, substations and standards. Bec was also a member of NC State’s SolarPack team, which designs and develops solar-powered electric cars. It was through this activity that Bec met Charlie Phillips, also a recent graduate of NC State and now the quality manager of Advanced Energy’s motor lab. Charlie told Bec about the company and the open position, and it aligned well with Bec’s desire to work in the clean energy field, and with solar technology in particular.

Despite starting just a few weeks ago, Bec is learning quickly and getting up to speed on the day-to-day flow of the distributed generation team. In this new role, Bec will primarily be helping with the interconnection commissioning of solar facilities by conducting site assessments and inspections, performing tests and writing reports detailing the findings.

Outside of work, Bec enjoys hiking, average-level rock climbing and trying to keep plants alive.

Bec is excited to learn from and support Advanced Energy’s solar projects, and the organization is delighted to have the help to continue to expand its initiatives.