Advanced Energy Welcomes Colin Thompson as Renewable Energy Consultant

Advanced Energy and the solar team are excited to welcome Colin Thompson as a renewable energy consultant. Colin is originally from North Dakota and then lived in the Northwest before settling in North Carolina. After spending two years in Asheville, he headed to the Raleigh area, and he recently graduated from NC State University with a degree in mechanical engineering.

Colin has long been interested in engineering, renewable energy and learning the inner workings of technology. He previously installed solar photovoltaic (PV) arrays for residential and commercial customers and saw the opportunity at Advanced Energy as a great way to broaden his expertise. He would be able to approach the field from a new perspective (inspecting vs. installing) and work on a different scale of PV system (utility vs. residential and commercial).

In his role as a renewable energy consultant, Colin will spend much of his time in the field, supporting Advanced Energy’s Solar Interconnection Commissioning Program to ensure that independent power producer facilities that are interconnected to the utility grid comply with necessary documentation, codes and standards. He will help troubleshoot PV systems and write reports detailing the findings.

Outside of work, Colin loves to travel, and he recently took up first-person-view drone racing. So far, he’s been honing his craft in his backyard.

Colin’s interests and prior experience make him a great fit for Advanced Energy and the solar team. They are happy to have him on board, and he is eager to lend his knowledge and skills.