Advanced Energy Welcomes Jacob Bolin as an Assistant Project Manager

Advanced Energy is excited to welcome Jacob Bolin as a new assistant project manager. Jacob grew up in Alabama and attended Auburn University, where he studied industrial and systems engineering. He moved to North Carolina two years ago and began work as a project manager for the grounds and landscape division at North Carolina State University. In this position, Jacob produced estimates, schedules and purchase orders for landscape projects on the university’s campus.

Jacob was drawn to Advanced Energy in large part because of his passion for sustainable living and green building and development. The assistant project manager position seemed like a great opportunity to grow and further these interests. In his new role, Jacob will be working closely with the HVAC Contractor Credentialing Program and SystemVision.

Jacob currently lives in Durham, and outside of work, he enjoys practicing yoga as well as backpacking and hiking throughout North Carolina.

Jacob’s prior experience in project management and his enthusiasm for environmental sustainability make him a great fit for Advanced Energy. He is excited to learn and grow with the project management team, and they are likewise excited to have him contribute his knowledge and skills to support their work.