Advanced Energy Welcomes Jessica Allen as an Energy Engineer

Advanced Energy is excited to welcome Jessica Allen as an energy engineer. Jessica grew up in Durham, North Carolina, and then headed to Georgia for college. She earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in mechanical engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Signs of Jessica’s affinity for engineering started appearing at a young age, when she would dissect motorized devices and put them back together, or build K’Nex structures larger than she was. She eventually decided to pursue the field over photography, and after completing her studies at Georgia Tech, she went on to hold roles in building design. In 2019, she became licensed as a professional engineer in North Carolina.

When Jessica saw the opportunity at Advanced Energy, it seemed like a good fit. She had been looking to transition back to sustainability — which had motivated her to pursue engineering originally — and the position was more of what she was interested in regarding building efficiency.

As an energy engineer, Jessica will be supporting customers by performing energy assessments at commercial and industrial facilities across North Carolina. She will assist with visiting sites, developing energy efficiency recommendations and writing up reports that detail the findings.

Jessica still has an appreciation for photography, so when she isn’t working, you can find her behind a camera or hiking North Carolina’s mountains (or both). She also recently took up tie dying.

With Jessica’s background and experience, the commercial and industrial team is excited to have her help to continue to grow and improve its work, and she is eager to get underway.