Advanced Energy Welcomes Keya Kelly as an Administrative Assistant

Advanced Energy is excited to welcome Keya Kelly as a new administrative assistant. Keya grew up in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, and spent eight years with the military police in the U.S. Army. She went on to study business management and marketing at Baker College, and then earned an MBA with a concentration in marketing from Liberty University. She comes to Advanced Energy with a wealth of experience in administration management.

Keya was drawn to the administrative field because of how varied it is. She enjoys being able to interact with many people and contribute to a number of tasks. This flexibility keeps the work fresh and also appropriately challenging. Since beginning her career, Keya has had the opportunity to fulfill administrative and managerial roles at both small organizations and larger well-known companies.

When she found the opening at Advanced Energy, Keya was intrigued by the environment and culture of the company. She was particularly impressed with how supportive, encouraging and welcoming the people were, and she knew it would be a great fit. As an administrative assistant, Keya will be aiding the business development, training and industrial teams in a variety of ways, and she is looking forward to learning about these new areas.

When she is not at work, Keya can often be found volunteering: She has devoted her time to many causes that are important to her, including the Autism Society of North Carolina and Relay for Life. Keya also enjoys spending time outside, being around family and shopping.

With Keya’s versatility and background in administration, she will be an excellent addition to Advanced Energy. She is excited to learn and grow with the administrative team, and they are likewise excited to have her contribute her knowledge and skills to support their work.