Advanced Energy Welcomes Tim Lupo as a Utility Distribution Interconnection Commissioning Engineer

Advanced Energy is excited to welcome Tim Lupo as a Utility Distribution Interconnection Commissioning Engineer. Tim grew up in Fairmont, North Carolina, and went on to study English at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. However, after working at an environmental engineering company, his interests shifted. He ended up returning to school and earning a degree in mechanical engineering from North Carolina State University.

Over the past two decades, Tim has held a variety of engineering and energy roles. He started out at the Underwriters Laboratories, where he helped develop and revise safety standards. He then went to work for the North Carolina Solar Center on the campus of N.C. State University. Here, he had the opportunity to conduct renewable energy site assessments for commercial, industrial and governmental facilities. After his time at N.C. State, he held positions in the energy services field.

Tim, however, wanted to get back to focusing on solar technology. He had heard about Advanced Energy’s strong reputation and growing solar team, so he was intrigued when the opening showed up.

In his new position, Tim will spend a large portion of his time in the field, contributing to Advanced Energy’s Solar Interconnection Commissioning Program to ensure that independent power producer facilities that are interconnected to the utility grid comply with necessary documentation, codes and standards. He will be helping to inspect and troubleshoot photovoltaic (PV) systems and write reports detailing the findings.

When he’s not working, Tim can often be found spending time with – and keeping track of – his children. He also enjoys playing Ultimate Frisbee, and his club team, Boneyard, recently took home the World Masters Ultimate Club Championship.

With Tim’s strong background in engineering and renewable energy, he will make an excellent addition to Advanced Energy. He is excited to learn from and contribute to the solar team, and they are likewise excited to have him on board.