Advanced Energy Welcomes Tommy Cleveland as New Solar PV Engineer

Advanced Energy recently expanded its solar team, bringing on Tommy Cleveland as a solar photovoltaic (PV) engineer. A North Carolina native, Cleveland graduated from North Carolina State University with degrees in mechanical engineering, and he comes to Advanced Energy with extensive experience in the solar industry.

After earning his master’s degree, Cleveland spent more than a decade at the North Carolina Solar Center, now the North Carolina Clean Energy Technology (CleanTech) Center, and earned his Professional Engineer’s license. While at the CleanTech Center, Cleveland had the opportunity to teach courses about solar technology and support the growth of the solar industry through testing, stakeholder support and more. He has seen the growth of solar in North Carolina firsthand. What started out as just a few research projects and small solar hot water systems has since blossomed into the hundreds of utility-scale PV systems operating in the state today. North Carolina is currently second in the United States, behind only California, in cumulative solar capacity installed.

“Solar is a vital part of our clean energy future, and Advanced Energy is playing an important role in ensuring that systems built today are safe, reliable, durable and affordable,” said Cleveland.

Cleveland was drawn to Advanced Energy in part for the opportunity to conduct more field work, and as a solar PV engineer, he will be doing just that: he will help inspect and assess utility-scale and commercial-scale solar PV systems. With solar technology quickly developing, it is becoming increasingly important that PV facilities are properly designed and constructed and that solar projects are installed to quality standards, provide optimal performance and will be safe and reliable for the life of the system.

Cleveland’s wealth of experience and long history in solar technology will allow him to effectively respond to the challenges facing the industry, utilities community and Advanced Energy. “I am thrilled to be a part of Advanced Energy’s team, helping utilities and industry build solar energy projects that will supply us all with sustainable electricity.”