Advanced Energy’s Impact and Influence Over the Decades

Since 1980, Advanced Energy has been working to ensure energy is clean, affordable, reliable, efficient and safe for all people. To commemorate our four decades of work, we hired Tierra Resource Consultants (Tierra) to assist us with gathering and quantifying our achievements, contributions and impacts in North Carolina and across the country.

Tierra is a California-based resource management consulting firm specializing in leading-edge strategies for energy management and carbon reduction, as well as an independent third-party evaluator of energy efficiency programs for utilities and state utility commissions. For over 30 years, Tierra staff have consulted on energy-related projects for federal and state governments, utilities and businesses.

We tasked Tierra with reviewing and verifying our historic efforts, tracing the most significant initiatives associated with each, quantifying estimated energy impacts, and attributing influence on the outcomes and effects occurring across our market sectors: residential, commercial and industrial, motors and drives, electric transportation and renewables.

To accomplish the project, Tierra distributed an influence and impact assessment survey and facilitated group and individual discussions to gather insights from more than 60 subject matter experts and stakeholders who worked with us on key initiatives. They then developed a full report, executive summary and presentation that was delivered to our board of directors and the North Carolina Utilities Commission.

The study provided an exciting opportunity to connect with partners who have worked with us throughout our 41-year history and hear their stories about projects they assisted with. Their feedback enabled Tierra to quantify impacts and document successes.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in this project. We appreciate the time you spent completing the survey and contributing to the interviews. This effort has brought numerous benefits and positions us to continue documenting successes in the future.

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