Dr. Emmanuel Agamloh Presenting at Motor & Drive Systems Conference 2019

Dr. Emmanuel Agamloh, senior motors and drives engineer, will be presenting at the upcoming Motor & Drive Systems Conference 2019 in Orlando, Florida. His session, “Characterization of Losses in Motor-Drive Systems,” will discuss standards and test methods for determining losses in systems that combine a motor and variable frequency drive (VFD).

Standards for testing motor efficiency have been around for some time, and people know how to test them. However, VFDs, which help control motor speed and torque, are newer and being used more and more with motors. We are learning how to test these motor-drive systems, but the available standards have not been well-tried, and there is a lack of consensus on the best approaches.

One particular set of test methods seeks to quantify the losses associated with motor-drive systems. Losses refer to energy that is not converted or usable. In other words, this is energy that is consumed by the process but that is ultimately wasted and not contributing to the outcome. In his presentation, Emmanuel will provide insight into proposed test methods for testing losses and share guidance on overcoming their deficiencies.

The Motor & Drive Systems Conference 2019 brings together executives, technical managers and engineering professionals from original equipment manufacturers, system developers and integrators, dealers and component providers. Attendees share ideas, discuss the latest technological developments, and learn from one another to explore ways to improve performance, energy efficiency and cost savings in several arenas.

The event runs from Jan. 23-24. You can see Emmanuel’s presentation on Thursday, Jan. 24, at 11:55 a.m.