Finding an Energy Efficient Rental

Q: I am living in a rental home with very high utility bills and plan to move soon. What can I do to make sure my next rental has more affordable bills?

A: This winter in North Carolina has given us record breaking cold temperatures. It can often feel hopeless to reign in excessive utility bills and improve comfort when you don’t own the place where you live.

Being proactive is the best way to ensure affordable utility bills. When buying a new car, miles per gallon is a consideration in the long-term affordability of the vehicle. When you rent or purchase a home, ask the landlord, previous tenant or utility company what was spent on utilities in the last year so you can make an informed decision. Another option is asking neighbors who live in similar units about their annual utility expenses.

When walking through the apartment, take note of a few features:

Energy efficient rental properties are few and far between. Knowing past utility charges and knowing what to look for when you tour a property will empower you to make an informed decision and avoid the need for a warm sleeping cap.

This article was originally featured in Carolina Country magazine.