John Tooley Retirement Announcement

john tooley

It is with mixed emotions and sincere gratitude that we announce the retirement of John Tooley, senior building science consultant for Advanced Energy. Tooley will continue to provide guidance and assistance on select Advanced Energy projects, but will be spending the majority of his time passing down his knowledge and wisdom to his 14 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

Regarded as a pioneer in the world of energy efficiency, Tooley has trained countless builders and contractors, and frequently gives keynote addresses at national conferences. He is recognized for his contributions to many of the largest utility and building programs in the nation.

“I could not have accomplished these tasks had it not been for the great support of my wonderful wife Angie of 48 years, my brother Don who introduced me to Building Physics, Neal Moyer, Gary Nelson, the late Larry Palmier, John Proctor, Michael Blasnik, Joe Lstiburek, Keith Aldridge, Jim Cummings, Tom Hines, Colby Swanson, Rick Davenport, Brad Townsend and the many who have encouraged me over the past 38 years.”  – John Tooley

We asked Tooley to think back over his career and provide highlights. His list is impressive and includes the development of strategies, products, educational courses, programs and standards that have been in place for years and will surely continue to have a lasting impact.

John Tooley Highlights Timeline

Throughout his career, Tooley stressed the importance of “doing it right the first time.” His commitment to quality has impacted everyone he has trained and worked with, along with the building industry as a whole. We are truly thankful for the 21 years that Tooley served at Advanced Energy and wish him all the best in his retirement.


If you would like to contact John Tooley, his Advanced Energy email address will remain active: