Mike Lyda Wins AEE’s 2021 Region II Energy Engineer of the Year Award

We are delighted to announce that Mike Lyda, technical supervisor for our large business and industry team, has won the Region II Energy Engineer of the Year Award from the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE). AEE awards recognize individuals and companies for their dedication to and performance in the energy efficiency and renewable energy industry. A ceremony for all 2021 winners was held prior to the opening of the AEE World Energy Conference & Expo.

Kevin Sawyer, a former Advanced Energy employee who nominated Mike for the award, had this to say: “During the times that I have worked with Mike Lyda, he has not only tried to help the local community with energy efficiency problems but has also dedicated his time to various boards nationally and internationally. He has done his best to represent what the goal of all energy engineers should be: to develop solutions for improving the use of energy through research, development and documentation.”

Mike arrived at Advanced Energy in 2010 as a motors and drives co-op. After completing his rotations and graduating from NC State with a degree in electrical and computer engineering, he returned to the company as an engineering fellow. In 2013, Mike took over the role of motor lab coordinator, and in 2019, he became lab director. As noted above, he now also supervises Advanced Energy’s large business and industry team.

Day to day, Mike is involved in motor system testing development, research and training on a range of motor and drive applications to meet the needs of Advanced Energy’s customers. In addition, he participates in energy assessments, recommending steps that commercial and industrial facilities across the state can take to conserve energy.

Mike’s affiliation with AEE began in 2019 when he became a member, joining a long list of other current and former Advanced Energy employees with membership. He was quickly invited to present at a North Carolina chapter meeting, and he’s been attending local and national gatherings regularly ever since. He is also working through AEE’s program to become a Certified Energy Manager.

“I’d like to thank AEE for recognizing me with this award. And a special thanks to my local chapter leaders, Dale Cranford and Phil Korest. They both do a great job of leading the chapter here in Raleigh, North Carolina,” said Mike. “But I really see this as an award not just for me but for my organization as a whole, Advanced Energy. I wouldn’t be here today without the motivation and continued support of my colleagues and our company vision to ensure that energy is clean, affordable, reliable, efficient, and safe for all people.”

We at Advanced Energy are proud of Mike and all that he has accomplished in the industry, and we look forward to seeing what’s next. Please join us in congratulating him on this achievement!