New Quality Motor Rewind Program with AEP Ohio

Quality motor repair offers significant opportunities for energy savings and reliability benefits. AEP Ohio, a unit of American Electric Power, recognized this and decided to reward companies that were performing such repairs. Working with Advanced Energy, AEP Ohio launched a new program for electric motor rewinds.

The Emotor Rewind Pilot Program promotes energy efficient rewinds for small to large companies in the industrial/manufacturing sector and provides incentives to customers and motor service centers. The program covers three-phase induction motors rated from 300 to 5,000 horsepower (HP) and is expected to achieve annual energy savings of 5,900 to 116,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh), depending on motor size. An efficient motor rewind also provides for cooler operation of the motor, resulting in longer motor life. As part of the program, AEP Ohio customers located in Ohio receive $2 per HP, and certified motor service centers receive $1 per HP.

For a motor service center to receive the program rewards, it must be certified by Advanced Energy and meet Proven Efficiency Verification (PEV) guidelines. Advanced Energy’s PEV is a quality assurance program designed to ensure consistency in repairs while maintaining the motor’s original efficiency. The program assesses motor repair facilities’ standards and processes for the repair of AC-induction, three-phase electric motors used in industrial and commercial applications. It involves a thorough on-site evaluation of a motor service center’s ability to maintain efficiency during the repair process, which includes assessment of specific equipment operation, maintenance and calibration, choice of parts and materials for repair, skills of shop employees and their training opportunities, shop management and its commitment to quality, and repair procedures and associated documentation. Once completed, each service center is required to test motors before and after rewind to prove efficiency is maintained.

The Emotor Rewind Pilot serves as an example of a robust program that enables a utility to help its manufacturing and industrial customers reduce inefficient energy consumption and their carbon footprint. Two service centers in Ohio, Hannon Electric of Canton and Electric Motor and Service of Zanesville, have currently achieved accreditation and are conducting qualifying repairs for the program. By using Advanced Energy’s PEV, AEP Ohio is assured that the motor service centers being rewarded through its program are properly certified to perform high-quality and reliable work.