Success with Energy Code: Online Resources

Over the last few years, states have begun adopting higher, more stringent building energy codes.  Then and now, states have lacked a standardized way of providing guidance, training and quality control processes for implementing building energy code standards. Advanced Energy has partnered with regional organizations to lead a national effort to develop quality process-driven resources developed on the state level.

When residential building energy code standards are made mandatory statewide, these standards are not always implemented correctly. Sometimes, this is because the new standards are confusing or overwhelming.  We took confusing standards and created simple checklists with picture oriented process documents to help those in the field successfully implement these standards. If these processes are followed, builders and trades can experience less risk and less callbacks. New energy efficiency code standards can be completed correctly the right way, every time.

Today, these resources have been transformed into one of our most impactful national market transforming educational programs: Success with Energy Code. We have made it our mission to make Energy Code information easy to understand and implement throughout the nation state-by-state. It is not just about awareness, delivery of information or even behavior change; instead, it’s about creating a mechanism for reaching and communicating with the market to enable that change. We are proud to announce that we are now making our national, regional and state specific Energy Code resources available online for everyone to access.

The website was built in collaboration with national regional energy efficiency organizations to host the resources. Builders, trades and code officials can view tech tips, checklists and plan review checklists, download all the resources to a personal device and interact with the resources on mobile devices. The website is more mobile friendly so that users can reference these resources in the field.

All of the resources are still available to purchase on our online marketplace:

As we strive to make these resources more accessible to all, we hope that the future of energy efficiency continues to improve.