Troubleshooting Techniques for AC Induction Motors

Three-phase alternating current (AC) induction motors don’t last forever, and over time, they tend to experience common problems. Understanding the operating parameters and forces acting against a motor, conducting tests and making observations based on those parameters, and removing system components to isolate a problem are essential to getting optimal performance.

Earlier this year, two members of our motors and drives team, Michael Lyda, motor and drive engineer, and Ronnie Alford, motor lab coordinator, delivered a webinar on the Plant Engineering magazine platform about troubleshooting techniques for AC induction motors.

The session highlighted the most common issues associated with troubleshooting, common monitoring points for assessing motor performance, common induction motor maintenance procedures and what it takes to get long-term performance from your motors.

You can view a recording of the webinar here and see Michael and Ronnie’s answers to audience questions here.