Your Guide to Energy Usage, Planning and Savings: Energy Manager on Loan

Even if you don’t have a full-time energy manager, knowing about energy consumption is essential. Advanced Energy’s Energy Manager on Loan Program can help you understand and manage energy to:

With personalized, direct guidance to managing energy, our energy efficiency expert will assess areas of improvement over an extended period. How much time and detail will depend on your needs. Projects can be as short as three months and consist of one to three on-site visits to as long as 24 months with 12 to 200 visits. The longer the service, the more energy management and cost reduction deliverables can be provided.

Energy Manager on Loan typically follows four phases:

  1. Energy Management Planning
  2. Energy Awareness and Outreach
  3. Energy Conservation Measure (ECM) Implementation Management
  4. Energy Manager Recruitment

Energy Management Planning

Energy management planning begins with understanding the mission of the organization and how energy plays a role in the organization’s success. An energy assessment can determine a baseline of energy usage, cost data and energy savings opportunities to establish goals that can produce an action plan for effective energy management.

Energy Awareness and Outreach

It is important to communicate the work and success of an energy management program. This shared communication can build awareness and set a precedent for how the organization views energy management. The Energy Manager on Loan Program can assist with these efforts to promote awareness and outreach, including:

ECM Implementation Management

The energy assessment will generate recommended actions or ECMs. Some ECMs will involve process changes, while others will require capital investment. The energy management plan will incorporate a prioritized list of the ECMs, along with the established energy management goals, to create an action plan for implementation. Other areas assisting with ECM implementation management can include:

Energy Manager Recruitment

The main goal of the Energy Manager on Loan Program is to demonstrate the critical value of an energy manager. Where feasible, we would like to see all organizations have a permanent energy manager on staff, whether part time or full time. Organizations with high energy bills can especially benefit. With our network and resources, we can help recruit and hire an energy manager by aiding with the following tasks: