Solar Services

The need for properly designed and installed PV facilities is crucial to minimizing risk of system failures and maximizing performance. Advanced Energy offers its independent engineering PV support services to provide the security and reassurance you need. When it comes to PV facilities, we are more than just a third-party resource. We are your PV partner. Our position as an independent engineering services provider allows us to analyze your system with a fresh perspective and unbiased approach. We take the time to collaborate with your team from conception to installation and beyond. Our PV support services range from onsite assessments to independent commissioning to providing data for owners, developers and utilities to make important business decisions. From roof and ground-mount configurations, to facilities ranging in size from 50 kW to 80 MW or greater, we have the knowledge, expertise and experience you can depend on. Following are descriptions of several ways Advanced Energy can help support you and your PV systems.