Commercial and Industrial

Advanced Energy’s commercial and industrial (C&I) team has been saving energy and money for manufacturers and building owners since the 1980s. By making your facilities and production processes more efficient, we will help reduce your operational costs and increase your economic competitiveness. From just helping you understand and track your electric bill all the way up to helping you complete an energy program certification, Advanced Energy is here to help you meet the goals of your energy program.


Our Bottom Line: Reduce your Energy Intensity

For commercial buildings: Reduce energy consumed per square foot (MMBTU/square foot)

For industrial facilities: Reduce energy consumed per unit of production (MMBTU/ton, MMBTU/square yard, MMBTU/widget, etc.)

Help with energy efficiency programs can cover a wide range of methods, processes, tools, training, consulting and hands-on, in-plant or in-building visits. Advanced Energy offers a variety of energy services to meet your specific energy needs.

50001 Ready

Advanced Energy provides step-by-step support to help your company achieve 50001 Ready. We offer detailed training and assistance with process development and documentation. Click here to learn more.

The 50001 Ready™ program is an approach for facilities to establish an energy management system and self-attest to the structure of ISO 50001, a voluntary global standard for energy management systems in industrial, commercial and institutional facilities.

Advanced Energy works with businesses and industries to guide them along the energy management path and has found the 50001 Ready Navigator™ online tool to be very helpful and thorough in addressing all energy management aspects. This resource aligns the best practice guidelines outlined by ISO 50001 and allows facilities to self-direct their implementation progress by providing worksheets, templates and team management resources. This program allows businesses to enjoy all the benefits of 50001 without the costs associated with ISO certification. Of course if that is the goal, then ISO 50001 certification becomes the next logical step and there are more opportunities beyond that with Superior Energy Performance®.

To learn more about 50001 Ready and the Navigator online tool, click here.

Strategic Energy Management (SEM) Planning

We know that it may be difficult to know where to start with energy management. We will work with you and your team to orient you to the basic principles of energy management and to help you develop an SEM plan. Starting with a detailed energy assessment, we gather utility, process and building data and help you prioritize projects based on cost, need, energy savings, job creation, payback and more.

Energy Manager on Site

An energy manager on site can ensure that the your SEM plan is sustainable and successful. Don’t have a full-time energy manager? Let us help! One of our energy efficiency experts will be your single, consistent point of contact, offering long-term personalized guidance and assessing areas of improvement. Time of service can be tailored to meet your needs as you grow in your energy management experience. The longer the service, the more energy management and cost reduction deliverables we can provide.

Energy Assessments

Our energy assessments cover all aspects of the energy usage of commercial and industrial facilities and processes. These energy assessments typically fall into one of three main categories: commercial facilities, industrial facilities and industrial processes.

All of these energy assessments involve evaluating your current energy usage and identifying areas for improvement. We provide specific recommendations that help you become more energy efficient and save money. We also work closely with electrical utilities and can provide insight and financial analysis on the possibilities of incentives for energy projects. If desired, we can do a formal ASHRAE Level One or Level Two energy audits to support your energy program.

For more details on energy assessments, please click here.

Measurement and Verification

Once we have completed an energy assessment, we can help you qualify and quantify your energy project savings by gathering utility, equipment and building data and assessing your in-house metering. We can analyze your data on a macro scale so you can track performance monthly and compare with previous years or once a project is completed determine actual savings. We can also analyze any process in detail down to 15-minute intervals for qualification of new processes and energy saving ideas.

Training and Workshops

We want you to have the skills needed to promote energy efficiency in your facility. We have developed hundreds of customized trainings and workshops that promote technical expertise and know-how in energy efficiency and energy management. We take these trainings on the road to make sure you get the information you want. Some of our most popular training topics include:

  • Energy management basics
  • How to perform an energy assessment
  • Process energy analysis
  • Process specific
  • Specific facility systems training
    • HVAC
    • Lighting
    • Chillers
    • Compressed Air
    • Motors and drives
    • Energy and lean manufacturing

We can also provide customized training to meet you specific needs on a variety of topics, formats, depths, and durations.

Superior Energy Performance® (SEP)

Currently, the top of the pyramid for energy management in the United States is the DOE Superior Energy Performance® program. Established by DOE as a follow on to ISO 50001, SEP requires an even higher level of energy performance verification. Also, please note that ISO 50001 certification is a prerequisite for SEP certification.

Advanced Energy stands ready to help you reach the top of the energy mountain with the SEP program. We are one of the few companies in the Southeast that can help you reach SEP certification from beginning to end. Our senior energy engineer, Michael Stowe, is part of a select group of individuals nationwide to be recognized as a DOE SEP Trainer. He is available to lead ISO/SEP training events for industrial sites or cohorts with access to all DOE ISO/SEP presentations and instruction materials.

For more information on SEP, please click here.

Process Heating Vendor Database

Advanced Energy’s Process Heating Vendor Database enables you to find vendors for your process heating needs. The database allows you to search by company name, NAICS code, technology type, business type, product line, product description, applications and markets. With over 260 entries, you can use the database to find a vendor that will fit your specific needs.

For more information, click here.


Certified Practicioner Energy Management Systems (CP EnMS)

  • Listed on the IEnMP website
  • Focus is on consulting on ISO 50001 system development for industrial sites
  • There are currently 113 people with this certification (as of Jan 2017)

Superior Energy Performance-Performance Verifier (SEP PV)

  • Listed on the IEnMP website
  • Focus is on serving on an ISO/SEP third party audit team to certify that the actual energy savings linear regression model is correct and acceptable to SEP standards, and recommending certification to the SEP Lead Auditor
  • There are currently 25 people with this certification (as of Jan 2017)

SEP Trainer

  • Listed on the IEnMP website
  • Referenced and endorsed by the DOE Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy
  • Able to lead ISO/SEP training events for industrial sites or industrial cohorts with access to all of the DOE ISO/SEP presentations and instructional materials (a huge benefit)
  • There are currently only SEVEN people with this designation (as of Jan 2017)