Advanced Energy’s Long Relationship with the Electrical Apparatus Service Association

The Electrical Apparatus Service Association Inc. is the leading international trade organization in electrical and mechanical equipment sales, service and repairs for motors, pumps, generators, drives and more. Each year, EASA hosts its international convention that brings service centers together with motor and drive manufacturers, motor distributors and importers, original equipment manufacturers and suppliers. The convention provides technical and managerial tracks with valuable presentations and opportunities to learn and improve. This year’s theme was “Partners for Progress,” and the four-day event (June 24-27, 2017) embodied that slogan.

“We look forward to going to EASA international every year. It’s the one time of year when we can see all of our friends and clients in one place while learning and having fun. We leave each year rejuvenated with the EASAan spirit and ready to take on new challenges,” said Kitt Butter, program manager for Advanced Energy’s Motors and Drives division. Kitt was joined by Matt Davey and Dr. Emmanuel Agamloh of the Motors and Drives team at this year’s event in Tampa, Florida, and they were excited to continue Advanced Energy’s nearly 25-year relationship with EASA.

One way Advanced Energy has partnered with EASA is through its Accreditation program, for which Advanced Energy is sanctioned by EASA as a third-party auditor. EASA’s Accreditation program evaluates motor service centers to ensure they are using prescribed industry good practices (based on ANSI/EASA AR 100) to maintain motor efficiency and reliability during repairs. Auditors perform an on-site assessment in the first year of the program, and then internal assessments with auditor oversight are conducted the following two years. In the fourth year, the process starts over with a second on-site visit by the auditor needed to maintain accreditation.

At this year’s EASA convention, the Motors and Drives team raffled off a free EASA Accreditation program cycle. In total, 20 motor service centers participated in the raffle, and Advanced Energy would like to thank everyone that stopped by to register. The team appreciates your interest in quality motor repair certifications and your commitment to EASA.

The winner of the on-site audit raffle was… Holland Industrial of Henderson, North Carolina! Congratulations! Holland Industrial will receive one free EASA Accreditation program cycle from Advanced Energy that includes an on-site audit and two internal audit reviews per the program’s requirements. To learn more about Holland Industrial, visit

“Once the EASA accreditation process has been completed, we truly believe that this will ‘validate’ to our customers what we have been about for a very long time. Holland Industrial is a company that truly believes in their repair service capabilities. They invest in their employees and they invest in new up-to-date equipment to do the job right. Most importantly, our company’s repair process is monitored daily to ensure that the customer is getting the very best quality repair possible and the proper documentation on every job with guaranteed assurances.” – Bobby Powell, Sales Manager, Holland Industrial

In addition to EASA Accreditation, Advanced Energy also administers its own quality assurance program, Proven Efficiency Verification. Similar to EASA accreditation, the PEV program assesses a motor repair facility’s standards, processes and capability to repair electric motors. However, the PEV program also goes one step further and requires that the service center demonstrate it can maintain efficiency by performing a pre- and post-repair efficiency test in Advanced Energy’s internationally accredited test lab. PEV then provides the test results that the service center can show to its customers. Through verifiable data, the PEV program certifies that a repair center has what it takes to repair AC induction and DC machines for the industrial and commercial industries. If you are interested in taking your quality motor repair certifications to the next level, PEV can get you there.

As an EASA allied member, Advanced Energy has enjoyed a close partnership with EASA over the past two decades. Motors and Drives team members have participated in technical committees and have been a consistent presence at EASA’s international and regional conferences, shows and meetings. Furthermore, Advanced Energy has hosted tours of its motors and drives lab for EASA’s Southeastern chapter and has commented on the ANSI/EASA AR 100 motor repair standards.

With its long history in the field, Advanced Energy has been able to develop strong relationships with a number of industry-leading EASA members. Motor and drive manufacturers that employ Advanced Energy’s lab for testing have referred service centers, and Advanced Energy has likewise promoted and referred customers to various service centers. EASA brings together members to continue to grow and improve the industry.