Interview with Hupp Electric Motors

Back in the year 2000, Hupp Electric Motors became the very first motor repair service center to join our Proven Efficiency Verification (PEV) program, and they have continually shown customer dedication through the products and services they offer. To celebrate them and this 20-year milestone, we reached out to Mike Parsons, Hupp’s vice president of service, to learn about the company’s experiences with PEV and other third-party quality assurance programs.

What third-party quality assurance programs does Hupp currently participate in?

  1. Advanced Energy PEVEASA AccreditationSKF Certified

Why did Hupp decide to participate in these programs?

Our customers. We are always thinking of what we can do to provide the most reliable repair for our customers. The better we are, the more successful they are. We have a philosophy of continuous improvement, and we welcome new ideas and new technologies as they relate to motor reliability. Our industry as you know is forever evolving.

Another person reviewing our processes and procedures and then discussing them with us can do nothing but help us. They may have insights on things that we may not have experienced or been focused on. Specifically:

Advanced Energy PEV

When we first saw the Advanced Energy PEV program in 1999, we immediately saw the value. We saw a company that would audit us, work with us, and who had a fresh approach and a focus on efficiency. You were the first that we had heard of, who had the ability and was willing to test and prove an electric motor’s efficiency. By having the Advanced Energy PEV certification, we can not only “say it,” we can “show it.” We take pride in being the first electric motor shop to get PEV certified, and we are proud of the fact that we have had the same motor certified for twenty years.

EASA Accreditation

When we saw the EASA Accreditation Program roll out, we knew that we had to become accredited. We have been an EASA member since the 1950s, so we are well acquainted with the organization and its people. EASA is known worldwide as the leader in the electromechanical industry, and their knowledge and service to their members are unsurpassed. Whenever we mention being an EASA Accredited shop, we see an instant response of respect and confidence in our work.

SKF Certified

We have been using SKF bearings since 1990, and when they approached us about their Certified Motor Rebuilder Program eight years ago, we were curious as to what they could add. We know that bearings play a major role in an electric motor’s performance and life span. We found that they brought certain focus to some areas that they as a world-class manufacturer thought important, and we agreed. We are proud to be an SKF Certified Motor Rebuilder and have them as part of our overall quality program.

I have no doubt that having these three prestigious organizations as part of our motor repair process shows our customers our overall commitment to quality and reliability.

Can you tell us a bit about your experience with each program?

Going into any audit (and I have been involved with many through the years), there is a certain anxiety. What will the auditor be like? Is he a nice guy or a hard case that will pick apart and find fault in everything that we do? Does he know how a shop even runs?

I will say that in all the audits that I have been involved with, whether Advanced Energy, EASA or SKF, the auditors were shop knowledgeable, professional and patient in their approach. Each showed respect to how we were doing things and we discussed the required changes freely.

We have benefitted greatly from each one.

Have you seen growth in your business as a result of the programs?

Absolutely. I believe that the prestige of each of the organizations alone shows a commitment to quality and putting the best product out for our customers. To have all three, I think that we can say that we have the best quality program possible, which translates to the best possible product for the customer. The most efficient and the most reliable. Following the PEV program, our repair process assures the customer that they are getting a repair that is of the highest quality, as good or better than new. Not only from the electrical and mechanical perspective of the motor repair, but the motor’s efficiency as well.

We look at Advanced Energy, EASA and SKF as valued partners in our success. Each one helps us to give our customers the most reliable repair possible.