North Carolina 50001 Ready™ Cohort

Are you interested in strategic energy management for your facility? Advanced Energy is creating a North Carolina 50001 Ready cohort that will walk through each step of the process and help you obtain recognition and improve your energy management processes.

The 50001 Ready program is an approach for facilities to establish an energy management system and self-attest to the structure of ISO 50001, a voluntary global standard for energy management systems in industrial, commercial and institutional facilities. Facilities that complete all tasks in the 50001 Ready Navigator online tool can receive recognition from the U.S. Department of Energy. Once recognition is achieved, a facility may decide to seek ISO 50001 certification with a third-party auditor and will be well prepared for success.

Advanced Energy is a 50001 Energy Management System Qualified Instructor and has guided multiple organizations to achieve their strategic energy management goals. In-person site visits are usually part of this process, but now remote, online opportunities are available.

Starting May 20, 2020, Advanced Energy will begin a free training program for North Carolina organizations interested in participating in 50001 Ready. The training will be 16 hours total, held in 2-hour blocks spaced throughout 2020 to give facilities time to work on tasks. Additional time is available for individual phone support.Click Here to View the Program Calendar

If interested, please click the registration link below and fill out the form. Facilities must be located in North Carolina and commit to the entire process, with a goal of earning 50001 Ready recognition.Click Here to Register

If you have any questions, please contact Kitt Butler at or 919-857-9017.