Shoemaker Industrial Solutions Receives Proven Efficiency Verification Accreditation

Press Release
February 7, 2017

Shoemaker Industrial Solutions Receives Proven Efficiency Verification Accreditation
AE announces newest member to receive innovative motor repair accreditation

Raleigh, N.C. – Advanced Energy is pleased to announce that Shoemaker Industrial Solutions, located in Columbus, Ohio, recently achieved Proven Efficiency Verification accreditation for motor repair – a third-party quality assurance program designed and delivered by Advanced Energy to ensure consistency in repairs while achieving energy savings. Shoemaker Industrial Solutions demonstrates the necessary standards and procedures to return repaired motors to “like new” condition and performance.

Advanced Energy’s Proven Efficiency Verification program assesses motor repair facilities’ standards and processes for the repair of ac-induction, three-phase electric motors used in industrial and commercial applications. The program involves a thorough onsite evaluation of a motor service center’s ability to maintain efficiency during the repair process, which includes assessment of specific equipment operation, maintenance and calibration, choice of parts and materials for repair, skills of shop employees and their training opportunities, shop management and their commitment to quality, and repair procedures and associated documentation. Once the evaluation is completed, the motor repair center is required to perform before-and-after rewind testing. There are also annual renewal requirements to be met each year to maintain accreditation.

“Receiving the Proven Efficiency Verification accreditation is one of the more exciting moments in the nearly 80 year history of our company,” said Jeff Kletrovets, Director of Sales, Shoemaker Industrial Solutions. “The third party verification of our rewinding and repair procedures helps cement our position as the market leader for electric motor repair in the Central Ohio area.  We are excited to be able to offer AEP Ohio’s EMotor Rewind program to industrial and commercial customers in Central Ohio and, by doing so, we expect to further our valued partner status with many of these most respected businesses.”

 “The service centers in the Proven Efficiency Verification program demonstrate they have the people, processes, equipment and procedures to restore efficiency during motor rewind,” said Dr. Emmanuel Agamloh, Senior Motors and Drives Consultant, Advanced Energy. “Motor repair centers who maintain efficiency as outlined in our program are more successful at reducing overall operating costs and increase process reliability for their customers.”

Along with achieving Proven Efficiency Verification, Shoemaker Industrial Solutions has been certified to participate in American Electric Power Ohio’s EMotor Rewind Program. This program promotes energy efficient rewinds for small to large companies in the industrial and manufacturing sector and provides incentives to customers and motor service centers. The program covers three-phase induction motors rated from 100 to 5,000 horsepower (HP) and is expected to achieve annual energy savings of 1974 kilowatt-hours (kWh) to 116,000 kWh. An efficient motor rewind also provides for cooler operation of the motor resulting in a longer motor life. American Electric Power Ohio customers that use a Proven Efficiency Verification certified motor service center will receive $2 per HP and the service center will receive $1 per HP on all qualifying repairs.  AEP also allows for third-party payment release if the customer would like to reduce the cost of the rewind by $3 per HP.


About Advanced Energy:
Advanced Energy is a planning, technical and engineering services firm that provides market-based energy solutions. We work with electric utilities, state, federal and local governments, manufacturers, and a wide variety of public and private partners. Advanced Energy offers program design and implementation, consulting, training, testing and research to five markets: Residential, Industrial, Motors and Drives, Renewables and Transportation. Our Motors and Drives team offers expert testing, consulting and training for motor driven systems from its internationally accredited test lab.

About Shoemaker Industrial Solutions:
Shoemaker Industrial Solutions is the premier electric motor repair service center in Central Ohio.  Shoemaker Industrial Solutions has been in business for nearly 80 years and offers a complete menu of services to its industrial partners in Central Ohio.  Shoemaker Industrial Solutions specializes in AC and DC electric motor repair and rewinding.  Shoemaker Industrial Solutions also offers complete mechanical repair services for pumps and gear reducers.  The company offers many field services to its clients in the form of vibration analysis, infrared thermography, ultrasonic inspection, on-site balancing and AC and DC Drive engineering and troubleshooting. Media Contact: Beckie Kletrovets, 614-294-5626