Venting Your Dryer

Q: Is it a good idea to get a device that attaches to the dryer vent, collects lint and directs air into the house instead of outside? A: […]

General Energy Savings Influencers

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Dealing with Mold in Your House

Q: How dangerous is mold? A: Unfortunately, the answer is not easy. There are some molds that are very toxic to people, but it is more common for […]

Turning off Air Conditioning for Savings

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Electric Blankets for Water Heaters

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Managing Window Condensation

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Clockwise or Counterclockwise: Ceiling Fans Deciphered

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Guidelines to Good Motor Repair

A good motor repair is a two-way street. It will help if you can provide the following information or answer the following questions: Complete nameplate information including manufacturer, horsepower, speed, […]

Commercial Rooftop Unit Optimization Product Literature Review

In the United States, seven quads, or 7 X 1015 Btu, of primary energy is consumed per year for heating, cooling and ventilating commercial space (US DOE, 2012). According to […]

Doing Something with Your Data

Depending on your role in an organization, analytics can mean a lot of things – from summarizing process metrics to evaluating repetitive patterns to examining effect significance. In terms of […]