The PEV Usage Study: Identifying Barriers

For two years, our Plug-in Electric Vehicle (PEV) Consumer Usage Study took an in-depth look at the driving and charging trends of 40 all-electric vehicles. Beginning in January 2012, it […]

Developing the “Success with” Series

We are dedicated to making buildings across America healthy, safe, durable, comfortable, energy efficient and environmentally responsible. We work to create strong relationships with the people and organizations […]

The Solution Summit for Georgia Power’s New Homes Program

Georgia Power is an electric utility headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. In 2013, it noticed that even though it offered programs and conducted outreach, it was having difficulty persuading builders to […]

Infrared Curing Increasing the Quality of Products

Louisiana-Pacific (LP) needed new curing processes or solutions that would help meet the rising demand for a profitable product while maintaining quality and decreasing production costs. The curing stage was […]

Advanced Energy’s Solar Consulting Services on Display at Energi Summit

Advanced Energy discussed alternative energy best practices and risk management at the 2014 Risk Management and Insurance Summit hosted by Energi. The conference, held in San Antonio, Texas, attracted over […]
koger advanced energy award

Dr. Robert Koger Receives Clean Energy Lifetime Achievement Award

Advanced Energy is pleased to announce that Dr. Robert Koger was presented the Clean Energy Lifetime Achievement Award during the Making Energy Work Conference hosted by the North Carolina […]

Case Study: PEV Workplace Charging: Leadership in Technology and Research: Supporting Alternative Energy in an Academic Setting

With petroleum prices maintaining historic heights and a growing emphasis for more fuel/energy efficient vehicles, the transportation industry is in need of new ideas and innovation. On North Carolina State […]

Case Study: PEV Workplace Charging: A Culture of Corporate Stewardship: Global Leader Encourages Sustainability

From energy efficiency to longer-lasting materials and products, Pentair, a global leader in pool and spa innovation, is seeking new directions in corporate environmental stewardship. The company has adopted a sustainability culture […]

Drying Clothes Affordably

Q: What should I consider when replacing my clothes dryer? Is an ENERGY STAR® certified clothes dryer an affordable and useful option? A: ENERGY STAR dryers are an […]

Washing Clothes Affordably

Q: My washing machine is finally starting to wear out. I’m assuming that an ENERGY STAR® washing machine is a good bet but there are still so many choices! […]