Advanced Energy Supports EPRI’s Electrification 2018

Advanced Energy is excited to be attending and supporting the inaugural Electrification 2018 International Conference & Exposition in Long Beach, California, from Aug. 20-23. Hosted by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and sponsored by more than 20 utilities and organizations, Electrification 2018 will bring together professionals from across the energy world – utility leaders, regulators, researchers, vendors, economic development groups, energy users and more – to network, learn about the benefits of electrification, explore the latest technologies and share best practices for implementing efficient and cost-effective electrification programs. As one of nearly 30 supporting organizations, Advanced Energy is helping spread the word about Electrification 2018.

In addition, Mike Stowe, senior energy engineer, will be working with representatives from EPRI to facilitate two half-day pre-conference workshops ahead of the main event. Both sessions will feature presentations from subject matter experts and leading vendors in the field and will conclude with a broader panel discussion. The morning session, “Industrial Process Overview,” will be aimed at account managers and other customer-facing roles. It will provide insights into identifying and supporting appropriate electrification opportunities for utility customers, including infrared, induction, and ultraviolet and electron beam. Mike’s own presentation will help the audience understand industrial terminology and the process of transformation, which is the change in form, appearance or nature of raw materials into a finished product.

The afternoon session, “Driving Lean Manufacturing Through Electrification,” will explore how electric technologies can help meet lean manufacturing objectives that improve energy efficiency. Lean manufacturing focuses on trimming the fat (i.e., waste) of a process or action so that only the necessary value-adding components remain. Here, Mike will discuss ways to integrate lean processes into an industrial facility to promote both energy and non-energy benefits.

On top of the pre-conference workshops, Mike will be speaking during the main conference as well. In Session B5: Strategies for Industrial Customer Engagement, Mike will describe how Advanced Energy’s industrial team provides energy consulting to help facilities make more with less.

Advanced Energy is happy to be able to support  Electrification 2018. For more information and to register to attend the conference, visit