The Benefits of an Accredited Motor Rewind Program

Electric utilities across North America – in the Northwest U.S., Ohio and Canada – are offering incentive programs for electric motors that are rewound in accredited service centers. (Rewinding a motor is fully repairing it, including replacing its copper windings). These programs are a win-win for all involved: End users receive quality rewinds that save energy and provide increased reliability in motor-driven processes, service centers see new customer touchpoints and marketing opportunities, and utilities achieve savings and gain service center partners that often identify other utility incentive program opportunities beyond motor repair.

Customers participating in American Electric Power (AEP) Ohio’s EMotor Rewind program benefit from accredited motor repairs that meet Proven Efficiency Verification (PEV) standards. PEV is a motor repair quality assurance program offered by Advanced Energy that assesses a motor service center’s equipment, processes and capabilities for repairing electric motors. EMotor Rewind customers also receive a $2 per HP incentive for rewound motors between 100 and 5,000 HP, and the PEV-certified service centers performing the rewinds receive a $1 per HP incentive.

We spoke with Jeff Kletrovets, director of sales at Shoemaker Industrial Solutions, about the company’s experience in the EMotor Rewind program.

According to Jeff, EMotor Rewind and the accompanying PEV third-party certification have helped improve Shoemaker’s internal repair process and solidify procedures. “I think most importantly it has simply brought an internal awareness that we must be consistent and have a higher standard,” he noted. The PEV designation also sets Shoemaker apart from its competitors and acts as a differentiator for potential customers. “The prime thing that the EMotor Rewind program does for us is that it gives us an independent third-party verification of our repair processes (not just rewinds). We use that as a differentiator at our customers when we are competing with another shop.” Indeed, to be eligible for accredited rewind programs, service centers typically must participate in third-party quality assurance programs that ensure repeatable processes and quality service.

The incentives associated with the EMotor Rewind program are a nice bonus for both customers and Shoemaker. Shoemaker makes the rebate process easy and straightforward by submitting the required paperwork on its customers’ behalf. This additional interaction offers a non-sales opportunity that Shoemaker uses to build partnerships. “It is my belief it strengthens our relationship with customers by being something more than just a vendor,” Jeff said.

Shoemaker’s participation in the EMotor Rewind program has helped identify other opportunities for the company and its customers as well. “We have undergone a major LED lighting upgrade in our facility recently that was probably nudged along by our involvement in this program,” explained Jeff. “In regard to drives, we have made several of our customers aware that there are big incentives for adding drives to variable torque applications. We currently have two projects going on where we have connected the local AEP Energy Advisor for our customers.”

Overall, Shoemaker’s experience with AEP Ohio’s EMotor Rewind program shows the multifaceted benefits of such an effort. There is always room for improvement, however, and these programs work best when the utility and service centers understand each other’s needs. For example, service centers spend significant time at end-user sites and can offer services and other products that utilities may incentivize for savings.

Accredited motor rewind programs support everyone involved. End users can save energy thanks to higher quality motor repairs, service centers improve their work and can build better relationships with existing customers while securing new ones, and utilities earn savings and new opportunities for incentive program recruitment. To learn more about how to start your own program, please reach out to Kitt Butler, director of business development at Advanced Energy, at or 919-857-9017.